An effective marketing plan will increase revenues and it will do so consistently regardless of the overall economy. In fact, a down economy actually offers unique oportunities for expanding market share. An effective marketing plan will drive traffic to your website and improve customer retention. When you consider the lifetime value of a repeat customer, the importance of customer retention becomes obvious.


Many small business owners are so busy they don't take time to develop a marketing plan.


There are only three ways for any business to increase revenues, only three. By organizing your activities around those three areas, you can grow your business consistenly. Every single thing we do in our business should be measured against one of those three areas. A solid website is a critical element for any marketing plan. Even the most fanatical Facebook marketing sales people will tell you: You need a solid effective website to tell your story. Michigan Webs can help you set up an effective marketing plan designed to use your website to increase your business.




We are always asked, - How much does that service cost? - The answer is unique for every client. After an in person interview, we can give you exact costs. Often the best way is to start out with a small efficient site that grows as your business requires for as little as $400.00.

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